Our Mission

Chicago possesses caring individuals who care about their communities and want to make a change. Up until now though, those individuals and their individual talents have been underutilized.

That’s where we come in. We strive to “untap” resources and opportunities in Chicago for those we serve. We tap into the huge pool of talented young professionals in Chicago who want to volunteer. We encourage those volunteers to tap into giving opportunities with Chicago-area nonprofits, whether directly through our events, or through connections we help cultivate outside the structure of our program.

Volunteering in our community is incredibly important, and is something our organization is passionate about. But we want to make it clear that there’s a large social component to this as well. After helping the community on Saturday morning, we earn the right to tap beers at the bar, tap into new connections with other young people, and to tap into new opportunities and relationships through giving back and inspiring change in our communities.

Help us tap into the giving spirit of Chicago.


Introducing the magic of VU Chicago

"Very well organized. This was my first event and I didn't quite know what to expect - I thought it might be difficult to engage so many volunteers at a relatively small community nonprofit, but it was great and everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy their time!"

— February 2019 Volunteer